What is New?

There are new and modified WPF controls inside “SkySoft.Presentation.WPF” library. Some of them support Business Process Programming and others provides common presentation functionality.

Business Process Programming Support Controls

Two new controls were created:

·         Navigation Toolbar – presents “bread crumbs” information

·         Vertical Toolbar – visualizes use case transitions

Several Button controls were modified for presenting bound transition data:

·         Button

·         Radio Button

·         Toggle Button

Common Controls

New Detail View control was created for presenting data transfer object information in top-to-bottom style

Several Text Box controls were created for specific data type representation in native format:

·         Text Box Decimal

·         Text Box Integer

·         Text Box Long

·         Text Box Short

·         Text Box Time

Several controls were modified for usage inside Detail View:

·         Check Box

·         Combo Box

·         Date Picker

·         List Box

·         Text Block

·         Text Box